Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a new dawn

Life has been quite a jumble lately. Among my responsibilities as a continued consultant for my previous research, I have been finding myself almost shockingly occupied.

First, I've done a couple fun things like: a bit of a night out in mpls, seeing Ratatat live in mpls, going to a Vikings game (been years), going to the Twins game that resulted in a division clinch, after said clinch.. celebrating with the team and getting some high-fives n such, getting involved with a nearby ballroom studio, and continued doing graphic design business cards too.

I've also managed to continue getting part-time pay for my further research work. Along with that I am also getting more involved with Peragen Systems. I have visited the site twice now and we're so very close to start-up. Additionally, I am now going to be working in Aspen to model the process as it is currently, then eventually scaling up. This involves me working in dtwn mpls in AMEC's office - a real engineering consulting firm. Who knows where this will all lead, but I never expected it that's for sure.

I'll leave this post with a clip of what I may consider one of the better rounds I had at my last comp (at least for smooth). More available on my youtube channel.

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