Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ballroom Dancing

In case you were unaware I am somewhat of a ballroom dancer.

I have now attended two competitions this past school year. My most recent one was at the University of Michigan representing the MSU Ballroom Dance Team. My personal results for each dance:

With Anderson, Sherri
Place Event
1 Newcomer Waltz
1 Newcomer Tango
ROUND 1 Bronze Foxtrot
5 Bronze (W/T)
5 Bronze Viennese Waltz
1 Newcomer Quickstep

With Kalmbach, Marla
Place Event
6 Newcomer Cha Cha
6 Newcomer Swing
SEMIFINAL Bronze Swing
ROUND 1 Bronze Mambo

With Forgacs, Claire
Place Event
5 Newcomer Cha Cha
SEMIFINAL Newcomer Rumba
4 Newcomer Jive
ROUND 1 Bronze Samba

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