Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home Vacation

I went home to MN for 6 days and I have some pictures of my adventures. Enjoy!

July 2nd, went to The Taste of Minnesota and saw Staind and Chevelle perform. At the end of the concert Aaron Lewis showed up mid-crowd and played a few last songs. Pardon the quality, I had only my cell phone to take pictures. The concert was pretty fun.

And a video

On July 3rd I sort of spontaneously decided to check out some guitars and ended up getting one!

It's hard to tell from the pic but it's a dark blue. I really like the feel and I can try some new things.

Later that day my dad and I went out to the Twins game. It was a long battle.

The good ol' metrodome. Probably the last time I'll go to it (for a Twins game).

The Twins were down 7 to 1 and came back to tie the game. If you look closely below you can see that it is a very long game here tied in the 15th inning. The game ended up going 16 full innings and unfortunately the Twins lost. I was so tired for being there 5+ hours but I couldn't just leave the game at a tie!

At home my sis had me take care of her new pup Chloe during the week. She's a lovable lil one who's very nice and playful.

Also during the week, no photos though, I did play some bingo and messed up missing out on a $248 pot (one number too late). I played some roller hockey, hung out with Kyle and Brianna a bit. Played some Wii Fit. Had my sis' annual 4th of July/B-day BBQ party. Removed and repaired siding on the house. Ate a delicious and fancy ribeye steak, with blue crab cakes and lobster bisque to start and creme bruleƩ to finish.

Now I'm back to work, but summer is halfway over. We shall see what happens next!
Also paid $966 this morning for repairs on my car :(

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